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Professional On-Site Repair & Restoration Services for Antique Frames

It was antique frames that provided the original inspiration for launching Vintage Frameworks in 1999. And while we present an extensive selection of new custom frame styles, antique and recycled frames continue to play a significant role in our frame design process. To make these unique antique or vintage frames viable, we provide the following antique frame restoration services:

before & after frame restoration

1. Resizing frames

We can cut down frames of any width, including the extra- wide multi-tiered frames of the 19th Century, the one- to six-inch oak and walnut frames of the late 1800s, and the much thinner deco and art nouveau frames of the early 1900s. This is a critical service, especially when it comes to fitting an historic painting or reworking a frame to suit the proportion of a particular image, keepsake or textile.

2. Recoloring to match original finish

In general, we retain as much of the original finish as possible on antique frames. Sometimes, they just need a wash to even out the tone. But when there has been a significant amount of repair work done, these areas need to be recolored to match and blend with the original finish.

3. Restoring broken detail

Virtually all antique frames come with missing pieces, as well as various nicks, dents, and worn-away surfaces. Our skilled on-site artisan can correct these types of damage.

While there are many steps in this process, some highlights are as follows.

  • Casting new pieces. New pieces are meticulously cast directly from the original frame detail, and then installed to replace damaged areas.
  • Puttying, sanding, filling chipped areas. Damage can frequently occur in the smooth surface areas of an antique frame and cannot be corrected with casting. These areas are reshaped by hand.
  • Stabilizing fragile surfaces.
  • Replacing liners. Many antique frames come with a separate liner as a second or third component in a stacked frame. Liners typically have a smooth gilded surface which may be too damaged to bring back to life. Many times we are able to find a replacement from our own inventory. If not, we have sources for acquiring and fitting new liners.

In our seventeen years of business, we have been privileged to bring hundreds of uniquely charming vintage frames back to live a second life on the walls of our customers’ homes and offices.

To learn more about our capabilities in Antique Frame Restoration, please call us at 603-356-7711 or email us at: .